Andy Chilton, Rover 214, Super Mod

On the chassis jig at ARRC for installation of tube front end and roll cage/chassis ... front 3/4 as compared with back half.
View of the driver area and controls. The tube bolted on to the transmission slides in a channel which allows the gearbox to slide back for clutch access. Chrome tube which goes underneath the purple foot rest is from the hand operated brake lever.
Funny car cage gives maximum driver protection. The chute release lever is just visible at the top of the picture.

Small chassis details.
Rob checks Andy's belts in the staging lane at Santa Pod.

Rob watches the start of the burnout.
Plenty of smoke leads to ...
... a good run. Andy has drilled his competitor on the tree with both bulbs still lit in the other lane.


Click here to see Andy hard at work inside the car and here to see that image overlaid on the view from the outside. All these videos shot at the Truck Show 2008.

Date  04-Sep-2013

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