AndyCam & LukeCam , short fabrication projects

BRM P133, for roll cage rework, more tubes and higher loop.

Caparo prototype reassembly and commissioning project.
Caparo prototype had been dismantled and cannibalised for pre-production models, the task was to make the prototype viable again.
1960 Lotus 18 for replacement or straightening of tubes and fabrication of small components.
Mustang for exhaust re-route from side to rear giving more ground clearance
Ford Pop street rod built in 2002. ARRC did most major construction, chassis, suspension, body mount and interior.
Dukes of Hazard clone for many minor repairs and fixes for MoT.

Mild steel headers (later to be coated) for a Top Fuel bike.

Ferrari 275 Competizione in the workshop for modifications to installed roll cage.
Stainless steel oil pickups to customer specification for installation in Porsche dry sump system.
VW Transporter already fitted with Porsche flat 6.
ARRC fitted matching Porsche front suspension then installed shifter, steering and other controls. This involved cutting and shutting the existing chassis, fitting new cross members and towers for the front suspension struts.
Reynard Formula Ford needed rework for a taller driver. This required fabrication of a new roll cage main loop with new forward and back braces.
Detail of Delta style back brace. The highlighted area at the base of the tubes shows a patch which was needed to repair damage to the original frame in order to provide a sound foundation for the new loop.

Date  06-Jan-2012
Pictures by

  Andy, Luke & webmaster