Autosport International 2008

Back in September we were asked "Would you like to do the Live Action Arena at Autosport?" and of course we said yes. Little did we know this would involve 5 shows a day on Saturday and Sunday. Plus 2 on Friday and 1 on Thursday. Plus 3 rehearsals. That's 16 burnouts, more than we would do in 2 race meetings. And all at a time of year when we would just be beginning to think about the new season in normal circumstances.

A typical measure of panic surrounded the delivery and installation of the "Stealth" bodywork which was only completed a few hours before travelling to the NEC. Congratulations to Luke and Ryan whose vinyl artwork gave the Studebaker a really striking appearance, particularly under the show lights.

Although it wasn't a race meeting we still managed to break some parts. An old favourite from a couple of years ago re-appeared when the starter failed and we had to push start the car in the arena. Here Tom and Luke are moving parts prior to installation of the spare. 

Then we had clutch problems which required gearbox out and complete rebuild. We only just completed this in time for the next show, in fact we were still fixing Dzus fasteners as we pushed down to our start point. With minimal crew even the Webmaster was pressed into action.

The final straw which prevented us from appearing in the final Sunday show was a seized release bearing.  Here Tom is applying some percussive adjustment to the bearing in hopes that we can free it enough for the final run.

Although the surface of the hall was very slippery but we still used a little water to get the tyres spinning as soon as possible. In a variation on our normal routine Andy drove around the burnout water and backed into it under Luke and Tom's direction. As slippery as the floor was we didn't want to get the front tyres wet at all.

 Along with Andy Frost we did pretty well destroy a section of the floor.

But the results were worthwhile as you can see with a good long trail of smoke and still spare space to stop before the end. Click here to see live action hosted at Google Video.

We ran after Andy Frost and Conrad Stanley so by the time we'd laid rubber as well many punters only got a misty view of us but they certainly heard us! Click here to see the Studebaker head-on through the smoke  and here to see the full Frost/Stanley/Robinson show in videos hosted at Google Video

We heard many complimentary remarks about the Drag Racing section of the show both from the public and the professionals running the event. And it was great fun.

Often read but not often seen, it's Tog from Eurodragster helping Andy check valve spring rates. Thanks to him and Kirstie Tramm for most of the pictures on this page.

And finally here is the top team; Tom, Andy and Luke with star presenter Louise Goodman. This picture by Matt Woods, see more of his work at

Date  27-Feb-2012

and Matt Woods