Heavy duty axles, up to 2500 hp
This is an extract from the Autocad drawing we use to produce our strongest fabricated axle casing. It features internal bulkheads for strength in addition to 1/8th inch steel used for the case.
Part welded hybrid axle with short end tubes
Axle after finish welding jigged up on our mill to machine out bearing housings to ensure alignment and size
View of interior bracing and bulkheads with finished axle installed in car. Vertical links are for anti-roll bar.
Axle installed in car with coil-overs, four bar and track locators.
Another typical Pro Mod axle good for 2500hp plus. Fully fabricated case to ARRC design using Tom's Differentials 10 inch third member.

Interior picture shows bulkhead supporting inner end of axle tube plus extra bracing (marked 1 and 2). Main case is made of 0.125 inch chrome moly with double thickness 0.25 supporting third member mounting flange. Also visible is the inside of the filler and drain plug.
Complete reinforced bracketry for four link, wheelie bar, parachute, suspension and anti-roll bar.

Date 31-Aug-2008
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