Bath University TBRnn, Formula Student 05/06/07/08/09/10/ 11
Actually this is not really a customer car, students from Bath University built the chassis to full student CAD Drawings with guidance and facilities for fabrication supplied by ARRC.

These are simplified images taken from the original TBR06 CAD model.

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Here is the the completed chassis on the ARRC surface table.

Complete car in action at the 2006 Formula Student event at Bruntingthorpe.
Here is the 05/06 team, justifiably happy after a sound showing in the tests.

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May 30th 2007 was the official launch of TBR07 seen here with the project team just after the unveiling.

Click on the link above to see more pictures of the construction process including the part in the ARRC workshop.

Here we see Andy talking to one of the TBR07 project team about the use of carbon composite tubes in the chassis and how they have been bonded to the steel tubes.
As TBR07 is launched it's time to see how next years project is developing. Here we see Andy talking to members of the team who have designed TBR08 and who are looking forward to building their entry for Formula Student 2008.
The Formula Student competition was held at Silverstone in 2007 and here we see the Bath team with TBR07 in the Formula 1 pits. Subject of discussion - why was the engine not running as it should?
However all smiles at the end since Bath were the highest placed British entrant in sixth place overall with good showing in the Acceleration and Endurance events. This picture is the driver changeover during the Endurance event.
The '08 team collect the completed chassis that they built in the ARRC workshops.
The whole '08 team with the complete car on launch day in May. Click here to see TBR08's report on their excellent showing in Formula Student competition at Silverstone
TBR09 chassis being collected from the workshop. Click Bath success to read how the '09 team were once again top OK entry.
Rendered CAD drawing of TBR 11.
Almost finished TBR 11 chassis with Andy and team members in the ARRC workshop.
Date  12-Feb-2011
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