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An OEM radiator just isnít designed to cool a high-horsepower engine, and overheating can take the fun out of using your specialty vehicle quickly. Now, Be Cool has your answer. A high-quality Be Cool all-aluminium radiator will lower your coolant temperature a minimum of 20 degrees, or your money back. GUARANTEED! In fact most users report even greater coolant temperature drops.

Be Cool is unsurpassed in cooling monster motors, especially when faced with common problems like tight spaces and small grille openings. Be Coolís technology produces radiators that are 40% lighter than conventional OEM units, yet have greater cooling power. Their epoxy-free construction provides better heat dissipation too, while allowing complete reparability. A mirror-polished finish is an option on all Be Cool radiators.

High-quality Be Cool radiators are 100% made in the U.S.A. Most are made for specific applications, fit without the need for major modifications and are compatible with all coolants.

The modules shown here are examples of Street Series, Super Street Series and Prostreet Series modules


Be Cool's Pro Fab shop has been applications for more than four years. Through its one-on-one contact with vehicle owners the Pro Fab department realized that many customers were often looking for a singular solution to their cooling problems. Working in concert with these Be Cool customers the Pro Fab shop began to build, on an ever increasing basis, complete cooling system packages that often included not just a custom radiator but also a shroud, an electric fan or fans and even a coolant recovery tank.

The satisfied responses received from these ecstatic customers and the dramatic cooling improvements that they experienced prompted Be Cool to consider becoming the first company in the radiator industry to offer its customers an integrated, one part number solution to their cooling problem. More than four years of research, along with extensive in-field testing, has led to the ultimate cooling packages for many production applications. Every Power Cooling Module's components have been carefully matched for peak efficiency and to fit in the space available.

Be Cool's new Power Cooling Modules take the guesswork out of properly cooling your vehicle. Be Cool builds module systems that are GUARANTEED to bolt-in easily and properly cool vehicles with engine horsepower outputs from 350 to 1000. In fact, Be Cool guarantees a minimum 20-degree coolant temperature drop over a factory copper/brass/lead radiator or your money back. Every Be Cool radiator uses fluted oval tubes to "turbulate" the passing water for maximum exposure to the outer wall of the radiator tube.

Each Be Cool Module System includes a genuine Be Cool crossflow aluminium radiator, a high-torque, European style electric fan or fans as horsepower requires in a euro black finish, aluminium fan mounting brackets, electric fan wiring harness, a diamond-cut, vented coolant recovery tank, a billet Be Cool radiator cap and all necessary installation hardware. The electric fan(s) are designed to engage at 195 degrees and switch off when the coolant temperature reaches 175 degrees. This provides the ultimate in driver convenience and engine safety.

All of the above listed components come well packed in a sturdy master shipping carton along with helpful installation tips, a detailed trouble-shooting guide and a warranty form. Additional customer assistance is available on Andy Robinson Race Cars in the UK.

A high-volume water pump will maximize coolant flow speed at low engine speeds and proper coolant speed is an important part of overall cooling efficiency. In addition to our production modules we still offer one-of-a-kind custom built assemblies from our Pro Fab shop for extreme applications. In the event that your application is not covered by one of our production module assemblies please contact Andy Robinson Race Cars in the UK.

You can complete your cooling system upgrade with one of Be Cool's high-quality coolant recovery tanks. As always, they follow Be Cool's philosophy of hassle-free installation. They insure that your cooling system will remain free of trapped air. Thus a puddle on the ground is avoided should your vehicle want to heat soak after shutdown.

Always top off your cooling system upgrade with a genuine Be Cool billet radiator cap. In addition to being great looking, these caps are designed to allow the use of coolant recovery systems where needed. As your system cools, you can be sure that the coolant in the recovery system is returned to the radiator. Always use genuine Be Cool fittings and connectors for leak-free results.

Much more detail from Andy Robinson Race Cars or click here to visit the Be Cool website.

Date  18-Aug-2006
Pictures by Be Cool