Chris Goddard, Ferrari 308, Pirelli Championship

This project involved installation of a comprehensive cage designed to protect occupants and stiffen the chassis. Additionally there was significant other preparation work shown below.
The main part of the cage has full driver and passenger cover with roof and diagonal braces.

Further tubes link from the main loop backwards (1 & 2) and from the a-pillar forwards (3) to the chassis.


This is how the bracing tubes above link to the chassis at strong load bearing points.
Painted cage shows more clearly with back braces to chassis.


Adjustable pedal box mounted on aluminium floor insert.
Door panels and windows
Detail of seat belt location loop and gusset linking back brace to roll cage main loop.


Mounts for radiator and oil cooler plus heater installation.
Fully painted and race ready

Date  21-Jun-2011

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