Chris Impey, Mazda RX7, HKS Pro Series

This project was to install a tubular sub-frame, rear suspension and axle to harness undoubted power of the rotary engine.

First step was some drastic surgery with a plasma cutter to remove most of rear floor.

This left a big hole which was soon filled with ...

the back half of the frame linked to the existing roll cage.

Four bar mounts tied to box section floor beams and cross tube attached to original sills.

Back part of rear frame welded to body and tied to parachute mount.

Later wheel tubs were installed and the rest of the rear frame was covered.

The front part of the sub-frame further linked the axle and body work as well as providing mounts for the Lenco gearbox and motor plate.

A standard ARRC fabricated 9 inch axle case installed on Strange coil-overs hides beneath the tin work.

First time out at The Fast Show Chris set a new European record for rotary cars. This picture courtesy of Ian Blackett; click to see more.

Chris in the staging lanes at the 2009 Easter Thunderball. Click Chris's first burnout  or Chris's second burnout to see the Mazda in action.

Date  16-Apr-2009
Pictures by Ian Blackett and webmaster