Chris Monk, Cloudhopper

Cloudhoppers are one or two-man hot air balloons. They consist of an envelope (the balloon bit) attached to a minimal seat fitted with a gas cylinder, burner and controls to fill the envelope and manage the amount of lift. This single seat version was developed by ARRC with experienced pilot and owner Chris Monk as he could not find a suitable ready-made item.

The frame is designed to be minimal weight while providing necessary mounts and safety features.

Safety belts supplied by ARRC to special design.

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This detail picture shows burner mounts and tabs to attach envelope  cables.
A final requirement was to be able to reduce the size for transportation. This picture shows the sections separated, when assembled the joints are secured with pip pins. The pins can be seen in the top picture by the top belt.
Date  19-Jan-2007
Pictures by  Steve Roake