Christopher Boze, Chevy powered Mini on the Street

Quart in a pint pot? Small block Chevy in a classic Mini. Early days on the jig while we figure out if it can all fit.

Floor and bulkhead cut out with front hubs and rear wheels mocked up in place.

Much later in the build with a very narrow Ford 9 inch ribbed axle.

Very full cage not least because there's not much of the body or its' internal structure left.

Body off so the whole cage/chassis on view.

Front suspension is based on a Mustang 2 kit supplied by Speedway because the car owner is returning to the US. The upright and lower arm are standard with chassis brackets to suit. The upper arm is ARRC fabricated using the standard ball joint. Brackets for the coil-over are also ARRC made.

There's not much room so the main loop and other tubes fit tightly inside the body, fortunately the Issigonis box shape is quite simple so this is less of a problem than on some more aerodynamic designs.

Again plenty of tubes at the back of the engine to give stiffness in the absence of a bulkhead.

Flipfront slighly extended and complete car ready for finishing by the customer.

Date  04-Feb-2014
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