Colin Millar, The Flyin' Fyfer, Outlaw Anglia

This car was originally built for Pete Ashworth with build details shown below, now (2014) running very successfully in the hands of Colin Millar.

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Photo © Matt Woods.
Photo © Matt Woods.
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Pete Ashworth's first meeting with finished car

Photo ©Tog


Early days on the jig, body taped together, wheels in final position, using the calibrated eyeball to develop the chassis layout.

Some time later most of the tubes are in the chassis, front plate and mid plate in position as their mounts are developed.

Rear wheel arches being modified.

Interior details with cut-out in transmission tunnel for the seat and a view with the seat in place.

The panels are joined to each other and the chassis by TIG welding with a special bronze rod which produces an effect like brazing. This puts less heat into the metal and hence less distortion.

Earlier picture without the interior panelling shows just how many tubes there are in this chassis.

Second picture shows details of pedals and mid plate. Notice the swage lines added to stiffen the sheet metal panels.

Two interior brackets, one for the tacho and the other provides a convenient resting place for the wheel when it's not fitted to the column.

Rear wing mounted well up in the clear air plus a view in what remains of the boot with wheel tubs, cut-off switch and chute mounts

Back axle with coil-overs, four-link, track locator and anti-roll bar.

As seen at the 2007 Santa Pod Summer Nationals running in Super pro ET
Date  21-Jul-2014
Pictures by Tog and webmaster