David Vegter, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, Pro Mod

Basic rails and loops on the chassis jig. This glass fibre body is from Cynergy Composites. Click body catalogue to see more of their offerings.
Mark Williams 9 inch axle set in place relative to body and at normal ride height.
More tubes added and front section in place to check clearances
Axle still in position with track link and drop links for anti-roll bar.
Many more tubes in place; full back support, funny car cage and triangulation of main chassis rails. Anti-roll bar and casing arrowed.
Motor plate and front plate in position, oil tank complete and fuel tank under construction.
Cardboard template for carbon fibre wheel tubs.
David checks the driver's seat while Andy looks on.
Front end with framing and mounts.
Engine in place, headers built and removed, fuel and oil tanks now complete with Chevy logo pressed into mount and forward breather just at the bottom of the picture.

Headers installed and then a removable light tube framework to support the side of the front end.
Chassis completely dismantled to allow final finish welding, here upside down.

Back from paint with final detailing and wiring to be done.


Parachute release lever which is usually hidden by the bodywork. Twin cables which connect to ....
.... twin 'chutes fired by compressed CO2. The wheel tubs have been fitted together with main electrical isolating switches.
Ready for collection.


In the staging lanes at Santa Pod EuroFinals 2009 and ready for the first run of the meeting.
An excellent burn out picture by Rose Hughes; click David's first pass to see the run which followed.
Following the incident shown above the car came back to ARRC for repairs. These two tubes took the majority of the impact and had to be replaced.
The whole back section of the chassis behind the shock mounts had to be replaced.

Click burn out to see David in his return to competition with the repaired car at the 2011 Main Event

David in action at the 2011 Euro Finals during which he frequently recorded new personal best performances.
David launches at the 2012 Main Event on a run when he dipped into the 6 -teens for the first time and was number one qualifier.

This picture by Matt Woods at mattwoodsphotography.com

In the sunshine for a change at Santa Pod Main Event 2013 where David was event runner up. Click double-dutch to see David burn out with Marc Meihuizen.

Date  13-Aug-2013
Pictures by Rose Hughes, Matt Woods & Webmaster