We are prepared to make almost anything although terms and conditions apply. Here are some examples.
This is a header tank for a TVR Grantura. It had to fit in a particular place on the inner wing and the dimensions were restricted. It was shaped from flat sheet aluminium and welded
Rear lower wishbone for Ligier sports car. Fabricated from sheet metal and tubing to match existing tired components.
Front upper wishbone for Ligier sports car.
Front lower wishbone for Ligier showing extensive sheet metal reinforcement and mounting for torsion bar. Inset shows threaded insert for ball joint on upright.
Oil catch tank for lightweight E-type built to design from provided drawings.
Individual components of dry sump oil tank internals designed to de-aerate the oil.
Shown mocked up; oil enters from the top and as it passes down over the circular plates the air escapes and pure oil arrives at the bottom.
Date  11-Sep-2008
Pictures by  Andy and Webmaster