Gordon Appleton, 67 Camaro, Pro Mod v3

The latest rebuild of  Gordon's Camaro came about as a result of this incident at Santa Pod Peak Performance Weekend 2006.

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As if the door coming off wasn't enough the left rear wheel broke pitching Gordon into the wall.

He bounced and then tagged the back end as well.

These pictures are only part of the excellent sequence shot on the day by Sharkman, you can see more at www.topendtales.com

New chassis front end with rack and tank mounts.

New rear near-side quarter and door sills.

Seen in temporary paint job at Santa Pod Easter Thunderball 2007

Seen here with a fresh new paint job in the staging lanes at the FIA Main Event 2007.

Both Gordon and the car are ready to race.



Date  07-Oct-2013
Pictures by

Sharkman & webmaster