Graham Ellis, 70 Plymouth Superbird, Pro Mod - part 1

Early days on the chassis jig showing four-link, A frame and basic chassis tubes.

2008 SPRC Best appearing car

Details of the Mark Williams Modular axle. This model is designed for four-link and coil-overs so special brackets were made for the standard ARRC push rod suspension.
Later shot during trial assembly shows pivots for push-rod suspension. Shock are replaced by rods for this assembly.
Top view shows main cage, funny car driver cage and motor plate.
Supports for the gear box slider rails.
First roll out from the garage ....
... for the Santa photo shoot, and we didn't pick the tallest guy just to make to car look low, it is low.
Chassis builders and customers do all look as if Christmas has come early and Santa has delivered their present.
Chassis just back from paint
Suspension, axles and wheels mounted for ease of movement in the workshop.
During final assembly, fire bottles mounted, steering, most brake and fire extinguisher plumbing in place.
Fabricated fuel/oil tanks.
Custom made controls sharing common shaft. Note top loop on throttle to allow positive pull back.
Chassis with some tin work installed and nearly ready to meet the body on trestles in front.
Ready to roll at 2008 Easter Thunderball in temporary basic black paint scheme.
Only one run because of bad weather but a 1.08 60ft time out of the box.

This picture courtesy of and Ivan Sansom.

First run in anger in Qualifying 1 at the 2008 Main Event, result 6.830 at 213 mph.

Is this car low or what ? the Superbird is almost hidden behind the Santa Pod burn out barriers. Click here to see the 'bird burn out and here to see it run.


This picture of the car at home base courtesy of Tog at Eurodragster. Click here to see the complete feature.

Click red to see the next version of the car.

Date  05-Aug-2013

Pictures and video by

Ivan Sansom,  Andy,  Luke,  Webmaster &