Gripper Diffs

ARRC have been appointed sole UK outlet for the Gripper Diffs range of limited slip differentials to fit Ford 8 and 9 inch axles. These UK built diffs have been available for some time to fit European and Japanese FWD applications and now new versions have been developed which will fit the axles found under a host of classic FoMoCo products such as Mustangs, Comets, Falcons and Thunderbirds.

Whilst based on the well proven multi plate principle, these differentials embody unique features of detailed design which make them unusually progressive in action and extremely compact, such that they can be installed in applications where hitherto no LSD has been available.

Their performance and durability has been validated both by extensive testing and by successful usage on both track and stage. They can be set up with varying amounts of preload to suit individual driver preference and particular conditions. This flexibility allows for a variety of uses up to serious race or rally. Maximum practical horsepower is around 600 although this will depend on the weight of the car, torque of the engine and the use of aftermarket half shafts.

ARRC offer a comprehensive installation and axle rebuild service based on the Gripper Diffs and Strange shafts or they will supply a kit of parts for others to install.

Exploded diagram of a typical Gripper Diff.

Diff cage 1
Diff cage insert 1
Wavy washer 1 per side
Thrust washer-cage side 1
Belville preload plate 1 per side
Externally toothed plate 3 gear side & 2 cage side
Internally toothed plate 3 gear side & 2 cage side
Planet driver 1 per side

Cross pin

Side gear - cage side (ext. for std shaft)  
Planet pinion 4
Thrust washer - cover side 1
End cover with integral ring gear in place of production press/glued fit gear  
Side gear - cover side  
Gripper diff in Ford 8 inch application with stock differential at the back for comparison
This four picture build-up sequence shows the internal components of a diff for Ford 9 inch axle.

In this picture the planet pinions are in place and the planet driver is about to be fitted.

With the planet driver in place the internally and externally toothed plates are ready with the preload Belville washer on top.
The penultimate step is to put in the cage insert, wavy washer and side gear.
With all the internals in place the final step is to fit the cover plate.
Date  27-Oct-2006
Pictures by  Webmaster