Jack Brewster, Super Pro ET

Complete tube chassis and front suspension to fit customer's existing body and back axle

Looking back from crank shaft position

Rear framework with parachute strap attachment point at the back. Axle held in correct position by jig. Suspension and mounts not yet fitted.

Existing four-link and a-frame locator re-used

Engine in place with ancillaries mounted to front motor plate. Dry sump tank fitted. Body now mounted to chassis.

Gearbox mount in place and interior tin-work started with wheel tub inners waiting to be fitted.

Door hinge pins fitted and removable front end supports allow quick removal of heads if necessary.

Door latch pin mount with frame extension to pick up the bottom of the rear quarter panel and light duty brace to support the top edge..

Frame upside down to allow finish welding and fitting ally floor .....

..... plus rear frame and panels leading into wheel tubs.

Last days in the workshop waiting for final body and panel fitting.

This picture from the 2011 Euro Finals is Roger Gorringe and used with permission. Click his name to see more of his pictures.

Click Euro Finals burn out to see Jack in action.

Jack in action at the 2012 Main Event.

This picture by Matt Woods, see more at http://www.mattwoodsphotography.com/

Date  13-Aug-2012
Pictures by Matt Woods, Roger Gorringe and webmaster