XJR15 for JaguarSport

Customer supplied central carbon fibre honeycomb tub and exterior body panels. ARRC developed chrome-moly tube chassis to integrate with tub and provide backbone structure to mount engine, gearbox, rear suspension, front suspension and steering.
Overview of gearbox and rear suspension. Audi gearbox with cable operated shift mechanism designed and built by ARRC. Late model XJ6 rear uprights are modified to attach fabricated wishbones  by ARRC. Adjustable rear anti-roll bar by ARRC.

Removable cross member provided to allow for easy gearbox removal.

Note that drive shafts were not installed at the time of this picture.

Front and rear bodywork hinges designed to allow easy access to front suspension and engine/gear box.
Oval plates on the inside of the rear bodywork are wing mounts. When the bodywork is closed these rest on oval cups allowing the down force to be fed into the rear chassis.

Rear bodywork shown in raised position which allows easy access to engine, gear box and rear suspension.

Engine cradle part of rear chassis and showing typical detail of attachment to rear of tub.

Engine is 400 bhp, supercharged, 4 litre, V8 from Jaguar XKR.

View of engine bay from low on left hand side showing removable top tube and how its' top end sandwiches the honeycomb of the tub and attaches to the roll bar.
Mounting for rear screen with short tube struts on removable top tube plus sheet metal shaped to frame and support the screen.
Front suspension during development. Based on Jaguar XK8 upright and wishbones with the possibility to add shims to adjust the geometry.
Shifter end of cable linkage to gear box and adjustable pedal box to allow for different drivers with fixed seat.

Also seen the spreader plates which transfer the load from the front suspension mounts seen above.

Astra column and rack showing mounts.
Date  12-Dec-2005
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