Jon Giles, '40 Willys Coupe, Super Gas

The Willys coupe in the ARRC workshop for a winter make over.

New strut front suspension as seen; plus reworked axle and wing with installation of a 2-speed 'glide.

In the pairing lanes at Santa Pod after the work. Click burnout to see Jon in action and slow motion to see a launch.

Moving to the line in 2010 after a new winter paint job. Click dazzling to see Jon in the sunshine at the 2010 Main Event, is that green bright or what?

Jon finding some grip at the NitrOlymp'x at Hockenheim in 2010.

This picture courtesy of Jan Sunek, see much more of his work at

Click burn out and run to see Jon in action at the 2011 Main Event.

2013 military paint job

Date  12-Aug-2013
Pictures and video by

  webmaster & Jan Sunek