Kev Slyfield, 41 Willys, Pro Mod, 2009 Update

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Experience in 2008 showed that some chassis updates were necessary to achieve the car's potential. First act was to cut off the front of the original chassis.

One side gone and the other on the way.
The 7.5 inch tube inserted in the bottom rail shows the increase in wheelbase which is part of the update.
Additionally the new front suspension gives a wider track, to match the rear, and reduces weight by the use of spindle mount struts.
These changes meant that a new, longer front section was required with a lot of cutting and shutting to fit, look right and clear the headers.
Job done, and smoothed.
Still awaiting paint but out at the 2009 Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod. Click Kev's first  burnout to see the Willys in action. And click slow motion to see Kev launch at the 2009 Main Event.
Kev stops for refreshment on his way back to the pits ? Click smokey burn out to see Kev in action at the Summer Nationals 2009.
Kev in the second round of eliminations at the 2009 Euro Finals, click personal best to see him run a 6.81 quarter
Kev prepares to be interviewed while his crew work on the car. Click 6.69 to see his second best run of the meeting (there was still a 6.52 to come) and top end to see the view at the end of the track.
Absolutely splendid in a new paint job at the 2010 Easter Thunderball. Click burn out to see the Willys in action.
The car looks even better in the sun at the Main Event. Click throw your belt to see Kev do it during the burnout for his second qualifying run.
Kev doing a demo burn out during Xtreme Wheels 2010. This picture courtesy of  and  . Click Xtreme to see their full coverage.
After a year out in 2011 Kev prepares for his first run in 2012 at the Easter Thunderball.
The Willys arrives at the ARRC workshop ready for its' 2013 update.
The heart of the update is a tough Mark Williams axle to be suspended using the multi-adjustable ARRC four link brackets.
First meeting out though Kev had a close encounter with the wall, but a superhuman effort by the crew saw the car out at the Main Event and as you can see here the burn outs are as  strong as ever.

Date  07-Oct-2013
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