Kevin Dolton, Audi S4, Super Pro

Early days on the chassis jig showing basic chassis rails, rear frame tubes and four link mounts. ARRC fabricated axle case dummied into position ready for suspension mounts.
Modified engine bay with braces linking main cage with suspension towers and front frame rails. Tubular sub-frame added to provide steering and suspension mounts.
Fully developed rear frame now tied to body and interior tin work started.
Detail of rear cross member linked to original body frame.
Frame detail at the bottom of the passenger side b-pillar with main loop, sill rail, cross member and frame diagonal all linked. The body shell is plated and then a box added to provide a firm base.
Drivers side at a later stage with door X and driver cage added.
View forward from the normal site of the back axle. Drive shaft loop and a-frame locator shown at the bottom with driver's seat and funny car cage. Dash bar just visible.
Alternative view of funny car cage with roof braces.
Acres of tin work covering wheels, axle and suspension.


Finished engine compartment, compare with in-progress picture above.
Finished back wing/spoiler and parachute mount.
Full interior tin work, seat mounted, air shifted Liberty box and bell housing mounted. Just visible is the frame work and slide which allows the gear box and bell housing to move back easily allowing for clutch maintenance.
On its' wheels and on its' way to the customer.
Date  18-Nov-2008

Pictures  by

Andy, Luke & Webmaster