These are complete sets of components to meet common chassis building requirements including

Parachute release kit comprising
  • Cable
  • Lever
  • Chassis bracket
  • Mounting and connecting hardware
Lever end as installed in an ARRC customer car. The lever has been anodised in this installation.

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Door latch and lock kit comprising
  • catches
  • strikers
  • door cover plates
  • mounting bolts 
  • extension tabs for the lock levers
Lock kit as installed in door, view from outside and down from above through window glass opening.

No internal door handle mechanism fitted yet and installation not finalised in these pictures.

Striker fitted through bodywork onto small bracket welded to main loop of tubular frame chassis.

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Electric window regulators as fitted to luxury super cars. Kit comes with
  • pair of regulators, as seen
  • switches, not shown
  • wiring, not shown
Seen here in correct orientation for door. Window glass fits in silver coloured horizontal fitting which moves up and down the plated guide.

Adaptable to most situations, please contact us if you wish to check dimensions. Maximum lift, depending on installation, is 23 inches

The picture is pixellated to preserve the anonymity of the model.

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Machined billet 6082-T6 aluminium Nitrous bottle mounts, suitable for 10 or 15 pound bottles. Shown mounted on stainless display rails which are not included in the kit.

Mounts are at two different heights to hold bottle at a suitable angle when mounted on a flat floor.

Clamps undo completely to allow easy installation and removal of the bottle.

Shown here with sample bottle (not included in the kit) installed.
This shows the rubber inserts which hold the bottle firmly and allow for minor variations in size.

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Date  08-Mar-2009
Pictures by  Webmaster