Lightweight Jaguar E-type, roll cage and general fabrication
Cage under construction. Much of the middle and back of the car is aluminium so additional fabrication is necessary to ensure solid foundations for the cage.

This picture shows the general layout of the main loop with back braces and centre support.

This cage is made from 4130 chrome moly steel.

Drivers side door bar with misaligned tube to allow easier access.
Support for the main tube with sheet steel mount shaped to fit aluminium panels and spread the load.
Support panels prior to fitting tubes showing how they follow the original panels and are located at "strong points" in the shell.
On this mount for the back brace on the rear parcel shelf it was possible to make a matching support to fit inside the boot.

All mounting plates were finally bonded and riveted into place after the cage had been fully welded.

This is an aluminium oil catch tank fabricated from sheet and tube to a customer provided drawing.
Complete car seen at first race meeting.
Post-crash scene on big screen
Major damage on driver's side but no intrusion past door bar.
Date  02-Sep-2006
Pictures by  Webmaster