Malcolm Francis, Grand Am, Super Comp & Super Gas

Complete car by ARRC. Full tube chassis, carbon fibre interior panels, 2004 spec Pro Stock Grand Am body.

Santa Pod Racers Club Best-Looking Car 2004.


Burnout at first competitive outing.

Complete chassis shown after paint during final assembly.

Complete chassis wheeled out from ARRC shop during final fit of body panels prior to paint.

Notice Clecos used to hold body panels together and to chassis.

Rear chassis under construction, Mark Williams axle located at final height with alignment plates and Strange coil-overs in position.

Body panels held together temporarily with Clecos.

Using laser level and dummy block to ensure correct axle alignment. Notice red spot in the middle of the drive coupling.

Underside of right hand side floor, angled up to leave room for headers, as seen in the next picture. Dzus mounts for carbon floor at bottom of picture.

Front body mounts and door hinges seen from below during construction and from above on finished car.

Headers built by ARRC.

Top mounts for Strange front struts during construction and on finished car

Left picture shows reinforced slot in main chassis rail to allow brake pipes to run inside.

Right picture shows framework which supports rear bodywork.

Grand Ams in the mist, Malcolm burns out at the FIA Finals meet.

Click here to see Malcolm run an 8.09 at the Feb 19th Test & tune at Santa Pod

Click here to  see Malcolm burn out at Shakespeare County.

Malcolm's car shows off the new Air Sea Logistics logo on the Toyo Tyres stand at Autosport International 2006.
Date  12-Aug-2012
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