Mark Watts, '57 Chevy , Supercharged Outlaws

As partially completed in 2008, rolling chassis with body mounted but no other finishing.

Back to the workshop in 2011for major finishing work such as the firewall shown in this picture.

Plus interior tin work, shifter mount, steel floor and carbon wheel tubs.

Parachute pack mount incorporating master safety switch pull with parachute attachment point just below.


Soon to leave for paint the car now has engine mounted, fuel tank and pumps installed and radiator ready to plumb in.

Conventional ARRC sheet metal 9 inch axle case suspended on coil overs.

Interior tin removed ready for paint but with brackets and fittings for NO2 bottle, window net, parachute release, brake lever, switch box, seat and seat belts.

Back from paint for final assembly and set up.

Date  05-Mar-2013
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