Neil Merry, 1974 Corvette, Historic Sports Car Racing

Corvette updated and prepared to current racing standards.

Comprehensive roll cage with door X, roof X, screen bar, back braces and seat belt attachment tube. Work also included repositioning the Accusump reservoir seen below the seat belt tube.
Fully fabricated dash and console with period instruments and black crackle finish. Other work included fitting the Lifeline fire extinguisher system and the ignition kill switch seen mounted on the dash.
Door cards in aluminium with crackle finish.
Detail of front down tube by the a-pillar. The tube goes through the fibreglass sill to the metal chassis below with the aluminium plate refilling the gap.
ARRC supplied and fitted window net.
Details of the window net mounting. The back end of the top tube fits through a tab on the main loop of the roll cage; a tab at the front of the tube engages a latch mechanism at the top of the a-pillar tube of the cage. The bottom of the net is permanently attached to the door X.
Finished car ready to race.
Date  16-Feb-2010

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