Oleg Belknov, 2005 Mustang GT

This is where this project started, a low mileage 2005 Mustang from American Car Imports. The brief was to produce a serious street racer which was still usable as an every day car and which did not give away its' performance capability.
Completely stock engine, click here to compare this with later pix to see how much has been scrapped and how much has been retained.
Work has begun in earnest with the interior stripped out and most of the cage installed. Forward braces go through the stock bulkhead to the front strut towers. Also braces forward from the mid-car frame to pick up on under floor chassis strengthening.
Braces from the main loop back through the parcel shelf area to the boot floor and to pick up on the stock cross member above the back axle.
New 1000 hp engine dummied in place with no ancillaries, blower or mounts but with a big toothed pulley for the blower drive. Further braces from strut tower to front chassis rail.
Rear arches banded out to give room for much bigger back tyres but retain stock appearance.
Normal ARRC fabricated 9 inch axle case with additional bracing and brackets for semi-stock suspension and Panhard rod.
Axle shown in situ with Panhard rod attached to reinforced stock mounting point.
Top link gives similar geometry to stock Mustang but massively stronger.
Under floor view shows forward mounts for lower suspension arms at the top of the picture. This all tied forward into a massive under floor framework of tube and box section which in turn links to the roll cage to give a super stiff framework. K-members also have prop loops built in.
Fabricated front suspension and cross member saves much weight over standard items along with lightweight struts and brakes
Stainless exhaust system fabricated from standard bends and fitted around steering and new chassis to join into a 4 into 1 collector.
Details of brackets and mount for back part of exhaust system which includes Borla stainless silencer boxes linked with 3 1/2 inch round pipes which were ovalised in places to maintain ground clearance.
All new gauges replace stock Mustang items. As well as all the racy equipment such as shift lights there is a working radio and heater. 
Final tuning of the FAST EFI system was done on the rolling road at GT Art.

Click here and here to see two short videos of the car on the rolling road. Not the best quality but worth it for the sound and the flames.

Then it was time to put the project to the test at Santa Pod on a grey day in October. As intended the car doesn't shout about what's under the bonnet, although the polished intercooler behind the front bumper is a bit of a giveaway.
Opening the bonnet, however, immediately drew a crowd of onlookers. Not a lot of room left but lots of polished tubing and silicon hoses joining air cleaner to blower to intercooler to inlet manifold with pop-off valve along the way.

Click here to go back to stock engine.

After Andy and Luke had checked the car out it was time for Oleg to try his first taste of drag racing (on the track). Here Andy helps to line him up while Luke looks on.
Last run of the day under the lights looks good and nets a 9.91 ET at 135 mph. Not bad for a street car with radio and heater.

This picture by Peter Donaldson.

Then it was time for the professionals to start taking posed pictures, here Chris gets up close and personal during a magazine shoot.

Date  03-Aug-2011

Pictures and video by

Stefani Robinson, Luke Robinson, Peter Donaldson & Webmaster