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Which one is right for me? V300SD or Sportsman

When deciding which recorder you want to purchase for your drag racing vehicle, consider these tips:
How many channels do I want to monitor?

Also, do I plan on expanding to more channels in the future?

These two questions can give you a good idea about where to start looking.
The Sportsman and the V300SD are very similar in their base configurations. The internal sensors for both
units include: engine rpm, driveshaft rpm, battery volts, 2 axis g-meter, and record button input. The
Sportsman has a 12v input included with it as well. The expandability is where these two units differ. The
Sportsman can only handle 14 additional channels and 8 of them are reserved for EGTs and cannot be used for anything else. So the user can add 6 Vnet channels of their choice. The Sportsman will NOT work with a Magneto style ignition, and it can not monitor overall ignition timing like the V300SD.
The V300SD can handle 60 additional channels: 56 Vnet and 4 high speed analog (usually used for shock
travel). Both systems will support our line of performance instrumentation however, these dashes and gauges will not occupy channels, so you don't need to count them when making your choice. Other than those minor differences, they both upload through an SD memory card just like your digital camera, which makes it easy; no cable required also, they both have the option to expand as you go, so you don't need to buy everything at once.
Weigh your options as to where you would like to go with logging data now and in the future and feel free to give us a call to answer any further questions you may have - 01256 880589


What to look for when buying a used Racepak

Getting a great deal on a Racepak from a fellow racer can be stressful. Is it what I need? can I trust them? How do I know if it's the right Racepak for me(see above)? here are a few tips to review before making your purchase.

Am I buying a unit that fits my application?
Is it cheaper for me to buy a new one vs. setting this this up on my car?
Does the unit come with all the programming and licensing key information?
Do I get the serial cable that hooks to my computer that I need for programming the unit to my specs?
Is the Driveshaft Collar the proper size for my centre section?
Did I get all the manuals I need so I can read and understand my purchase?

These are just a few things to consider before you sign your cheque. If there are any specific questions you may have before you purchase a used unit, feel free to contact us.

Date  08-Nov-2009

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