Roger Moore, Dodge Viper, Pro Mod

Roger Moore Viper on the chassis jig front Part built on the chassis jig with most main chassis tubes installed.
Roger Moore Viper on the chassis jig back Matching back shot with ARRC fabricated axle case jigged at correct height and four link bars waiting to be installed.
Complete chassis ready for finish welding On the jig during final finish welding.
In the staging lanes, first meeting, Summer Nationals 2008 In the staging lanes at the first meeting, Summer Nationals, Santa Pod 2008.


Front end on finished car Fully populated front end.

Interior of finished car Interior with unusual curved tube going forward from the A pillar made necessary by the body layout.

Click here to see Roger burn out in slow motion and enjoy the build up of smoke.

Roger with a typical wheels-up launch at the 2011 Main Event. Click burn out to see Roger in action at the same event.

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Roger was a close second in the 2011 MSA Drag Racing Championship.

Roger burns out to clear the cobwebs at the first meeting 0f 2012 - the Easter Thunderball
Roger purges the Nitrous before a run at the 2012 Main Event.

This picture by Matt Woods at

MSA Champion in 2012, Roger waited until the Summer Nationals to return to the track in 2013. Seen here in the staging lanes and here burning out
Date  04-Sep-2013

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