BSCI Roll Cage Padding

Available to two standards FIA (thicker, in the middle and on the left) and SFI (thinner, on the right). More solid than expected but designed to withstand an impact in the event of a crash. Can be bent when warm to fit the contours of the cage.

BSCI FIA Type A 8857-2001 Type A homologated roll bar padding is the ultimate in protection that can be offered.   BSCI was the first company in the world to produce a roll bar padding meeting the strict FIA specification.   With extensive research and development over two years, we have introduced roll bar padding to the motor racing market that is surpassed by no other padding.   The unique flat shape on the impact surface and the chemical formulation creates a padding that absorbs high impact energy. BSCI FIA Type A padding is manufactured in two sizes to fit 1 1/8" - 1 5/8" bar diameter and 1 3/4 "- 2" bar diameter. Both sizes are 36" in length. ARRC stock black padding.

BSCI pioneered the innovation and development of roll bar padding that set the industry standard.   Both the half round shape and SFI safety standards resulted from lobbying and research and development initiated by BSCI.   Today, we are still the leader in development of safer foams for use in protecting drivers from more serious injuries in cases where any part of the body comes in contact with the roll cage. ARRC stock 36" black BSCI SFI 45.1 padding in 3/4" thickness to fit 1 5/8" - 2" bar diameter

Date  26-Feb-2007
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