Special projects
One of the most unusual projects to come out of the ARRC shop is this track groomer for Santa Pod Raceway.

Click here to see the Shakespeare County Raceway version in action.

ARRC were challenged by the Director of a local pantomime to create a full sized robot to match the model he already had.

For simplicity this became an aluminium suit and head for the tallest cast member to wear.

Seen in action, waiting in the wings with the wicked witch Grizelda and manhandling Lady Melissa under the control of Fairy Fluff.
This is the Mark 2 version of a gravity racer we built for competition in Midhurst. Complete chassis development and aerodynamics package by ARRC.
Details here of the controls including rack and pinion steering and pedal operated twin rear brakes. The rear diffuser is an integral part of the aero package designed for improved downforce.
We were asked to make the tubular fitting at the back of the boat consisting of a main loop with back braces. Not a roll cage but exactly the same constructional techniques. It was made out of stainless steel to normal marine standards.

The boat is an Avon Seasport 4.65 R.I.B.

This shows the mounting for the back braces on the transom(?) (well the back bit where the engine mounts) and the bracing for the join between the tubes which doubles as a mounting point for marker lights. 
Date  19-Jan-2007
Pictures and video by  Webmaster