Steve Hudson, '23 T, Pro ET

This project involved a complete rebuild/replacement of previous altered chassis. Early days on the chassis jig with main rails in place, engine, gearbox, front and back axles dummied in place. 
The only significant item retained from the earlier chassis was the front axle with torsion bar suspension.
Later on the jig with radiator mounted and headers checked for clearance.
Steve on hand for moulding of a seat insert. First Andy mixes the two pack foam in a bin liner which he then puts in the seat and Steve sits back in his normal driving position and waits for the foam to expand around him. Andy then checks that the foam is getting to the parts that it ought to reach.
Finished front end with fabricated tank and new suspension and steering links.
Classic ARRC ribbed Oldsmobile axle.
In action at the 2008 Easter Thunderball, in between snow showers.
Green light on the first of many successful runs over the weekend.

Videos from 2008 Main Event

Date  16-Aug-2012

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