ARRC developed special suspension components

While engine power and clutch tuning are the keys to success in many classes of drag racing they are only effective if the underlying chassis setup has been optimised. Two products from Andy Robinson Race Cars offer the opportunity for improved suspension adjustment compared with conventional offerings. Both these products have been designed in-house by Luke and Andy using their Ironcad system and CNC machined from chrome moly based on an exported 3D model. They will be offered as options on all new ARRC chassis; they can also be retrofitted to most existing chassis or can be purchased as a stand-alone item. Although the pictures are of a Pro Mod chassis these enhanced suspension components can be fitted to almost any car with a strut front or four-link rear including Sportsman classes.

Starting at the front of the car ARRC provide adjustable top mounts for the strut suspension which is used on many tube framed cars. The normal way of adjusting front ride height is to move the coil-over spring platform on the strut. While this does change the ride height it also moves the spring relative to the shock and may limit travel in compression or rebound away from the optimum. This new top mount allows the travel to remain unchanged while still varying the ride height.


At the back of the car itís four-link adjustments that are key. However many holes are provided on the chassis plates it seems that there isnít an option which gives the perfect relationship between tyre contact patch, instant centre and centre of gravity. ARRCís double adjustable four-link plates offer a wider choice of angles and the opportunity to get closer to the perfect setup. This arrangement gives around 900 possible combinations as compared to 50 with conventional plates. Whilst not all of these are sensible it gives some idea of the scale of the improvement.

Date  27-Nov-2011
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