Thomas Stiefel, '57 Chevy, Super Pro ET

Very early stages on the chassis jig with the body held up to normal height with wooden framing.

Main tubes in place with dummy block and front suspension struts. Detail shows bridging plate use to hold roof at right height and position.

Interior view showing four link plates and first top tube in twin tube chassis.

More representative dummy block to allow front motor plate and mounts to be fitted. Notice laser alignment device on far left which projects an accurate centre line for the chassis.

Complete front suspension including Titan lightweight rack.

Rear frame started which will provide suspension mounts, body mounts and parachute attachment already fitted.

Full funny car cage now fitted with floor bracing, the chassis is not fully welded yet.

Viewed from the back with all the chassis in place.

Front end in place to allow for framing and mounting and the doors have been hung. The detail shows the door catch at the B pillar.

Firewall in place with holes for the steering column and brake master cylinder. Detail shows the top hinge pin which allows the doors to be removed.

Carbon tubs and rear tin work held in place temporarily by Cleco's

Chassis upside down on the jig for finish welding.

Fully custom built pedal assembly with switch triggered by the clutch, rod through the firewall to the master cylinder and loop on the top of the accelerator so it lifts with the driver's foot as well as going down when pressed.

Roof showing X bracing, hatch in the tin work to allow for adjustment of the rear suspension, fire bottle mounts and fully braced twin tube chassis.

As delivered to the customer with complete chassis, fully mounted body, plumbing etc.

Fully finished car debuted at the 2011 Main Event, Santa Pod


Click Eurofinals 2011 burn out to see Thomas in action

This picture from the Eurofinals is Roger Gorringe and used with permission. Click his name to see more of his pictures.

Now in full paint the Chevy wows the crowds at the 2012 Main Event with a mid 6 second run, good enough to qualify in the Pro Mod field.

But it did rain at the Main Event which allowed for some reflection on a stellar performance.

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Pictures by

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