Axles - basic and setup

Basic axle rework. In this case replacing the ends on a Ford Cortina axle with those from an Escort.

The top axle is complete, the bottom has new ends ready to be fitted. This modifications allows original Cortina shafts to be used but with the deeper bearings and greater strength of the Escort.

Fully welded ends, in this case retaining original width. A similar process can accommodate narrowing of the axle and/or fitting larger ends to allow thicker axles.
Comparison of ends shows bigger bearing depth on the Escort end above.



Typical third member in the setup frame in the ARRC axle workshop. The ring gear teeth are already whitened to check the pattern of contact with the pinion.
Dial gauge is used in this position to check backlash between ring gear and pinion. This is done by holding the input shaft, rocking the ring gear back and forth and noting the reading on the gauge.
All 3rd members which are prepared in the ARRC workshop come complete with this specification sheet showing details of their particular set up.
Date 15-May-2008
Pictures by  Webmaster