Want an axle built for your race car? Want an axle case narrowed to fit? Want to adapt an new axle to your car? Want a rebuild with a new ratio? We've thirty years experience building axles for all sorts of applications so you can find our products under drag racing cars, circuit racing cars, historic saloons, rally cars and hot road cars..

These six sections show some of the custom axles we have built. We do not have a standard product, each axle is exactly tailored to your requirements. We are sole suppliers of Gripper Diffs for US Ford 8 inch and 9 inch axles and UK agents for Strange, Mark Williams, Motive Gear, Currie and Precision Gear, click the logos below to visit their web sites .

If you like what you see then you can click here to e-mail us or call 01256 880589. Alternatively you can use the navigation links above to visit the main Andy Robinson Race Cars site.

Basic axles Axles - basic and setup

Ribbed axles up to 800 hp

Axles - ribbed, 800 hp
Fabricated axles up to 1200 hp Axles - fabricated, 1200 hp

Fabricated axles up to 2500 hp

Axles - fabricated, 2500 hp
Gripper diffs Limited slip diffs from Gripper Diffs

Axle special projects

Axles - special projects
Axle Order forms Axle Order Forms

Axles - classic Ford
Date  20-Apr-2011
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