Racing - 2005 Build up

Early trial fit of dummy engine block to make front engine plate and identify placement of ancillaries.
Left hand headers built plus new firewall inset for blower.
Our big box of bits finally arrived from the USA including this shiny new block. Water jackets, what water jackets?
New fuel and dry sump tank under construction.

Plus all the electronics and air timers you need to run an alcohol engine competitively in Pro Mod.

The new engine together on a trial build to check fit and clearances.

Wayne would like it to be known that his office was much tidier before the engine builders moved in.

New engine in the car.
New headers and modified front end to fit around them. Change from  single exhaust on previous nitrous engine.

You can tell we haven't run it yet.

We didn't make Easter but we did make the pre-Main Event test session at Santa Pod.

Just a couple of checkout passes but enough to prepare for the biggest Pro Mod field in Europe.

Date  01-Jun-2005
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