Racing Current - 2006 FIA Finals at Santa Pod

One of guests over the weekend was Bob Stroud from Here he completes a parachute packing master class with Stefani and Tom.
Saturday was a great day for us with a 6.23 in the morning session. Click here to see this complete run from inside the car, watch out for tyre smoke from the burn out and then clutch dust in the run.

Then our best run ever with a 6.195, here you see demonstrating that Pro Mods are loud even when you're used to them . Click here to see this run looking out through the back window, watch out for the wise men behind the start line and the chutes popping as the car goes under the gantry.

These videos are large files, around 14 meg.

And this is the beginning of our final run of the year.

I guess the camera man is bored with cars  and prefers to focus on Bowser.

Date  12-Sep-2006
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