Racing - 2007 Main Event at Santa Pod

This is the pre-event session at the workshop where the car is prepared. After the problems of Easter the axle was checked and the case further modified to prevent any re-occurrence. Here we see Jerry and Tom  partway through the re-installation.

Meanwhile Bowser is bolting on the front pulley in the final stages of freshening the engine prior to its' re-installation.

Not all the preparation was done in the workshop, here we see Jerry and Tom making some percussive adjustments to the engine under tray using Jerry's smallest adjuster.

Good job we got some pictures on Saturday because Sunday and Monday were a complete washout. This is our first qualifying run where we put our Easter horrors behind us and ran a 6.20. Notice the white line behind the car made by the wheelie bar wheel, a solid line shows no tyre shake.

Click here to see what it looks like from inside the car.

In spite of everything we came away with new records in the MSA Championship, ET  6.206 & terminal speed  227.19 mph.


Date  07-Jan-2010
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