Racing - 2007 Summer Nationals at Santa Pod

A close-up of Andy's first burnout of the meeting with rubber on the track still burning and melting.

Lots of pressure to make a decent run since rain all of the previous day meant that this was our only qualifying run.

Unfortunately there was damage to the engine from the first run which necessitated changing both cylinder heads. This was quite a thrash because there was very little time between qualifying and the first round of eliminations. Abby and Dave, the TV crew had to be content with commenting from the front of the garage rather than an interview.
Andy makes another attempt to obliterate the start line in the first round of eliminations.
This time the crew did manage an interview on camera, here we see Jerry in full flow before the semi-finals.

Click here to see what that semi-final round looked like from inside the car.

And then we were in the final, this picture shows that all was well at the beginning of the run but no result was shown on the boards at the end of the run.
So the TV crew returned to interview Andy and Bert Englefield as the finalists. Fortunately observers were able to confirm what the clocks could not ... Andy was the winner.
And finally the prize giving and this time the camera is on the crowd for a change.

Obviously successful from the point of view that we won but frustrating that we didn't really get a clean run all day. Maybe if the rain had held off on Saturday we would have got to the bottom of our problems.

Date  18-Jun-2007
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