Racing - 2007 Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod

Ivan Sansom's picture captures a typical launch from the weekend, wheels up and already off line. Tyre shake blighted almost every run whatever we did to calm the car down.

Click here to see Andy at work inside the car on the run. This is a 28 Mb file.


All the shake had its effect on the axle in particular which had to be taken out several times to repair the case. Replacing it is a four man job for Jerry, Tom, Bowser and Paul
Another run put so much side force on the wheelie bar that it twisted and bent the mid-way rod ends.

And to add woe to misery the blower belt broke. It damaged the guard which in turn moved over and damaged the bonnet.

All these repairs meant that between rounds was always a thrash and it was a busy three days with not much reward except a runner-up spot in the first round of the MSA Championship.

There always seemed to be a camera crew around whatever we were doing this weekend. Here we see Andy being interviewed by John Price covering the state of drag racing in general and the Pro Mod championship in particular.
And then the TV director wanted to film what happened when the car got back from a run .... but we couldn't do it under the awning 'cos they couldn't get a good shot in there so we had to do it in the open.

Clockwise from top left

  • The crew stride out to get to work
  • Andy has already removed the driver door while Jerry lifts off the passenger side door
  • Tom and Bowser lift off the front
  • And finally all the panels are off and the camera stops rolling
Date  21-May-2007
Pictures by

 Ivan Sansom & Webmaster