Racing - 2007 Veidec Festival at Mantorp Park

Friday was mostly about rain and lots of it, looking down the pits there was nothing but grey sky to be seen.

But things did improve later on; here you see the Studebaker in the very short staging lanes waiting to run before the Top Fuel guys.

Here the whole start line crew of Jerry, Stefani, Tom, Bowser and Luke watch as Andy goes into stage on the first qualifying run. Click here to see what the run looked like from inside the car.


Here's Andy on the big screen at Mantorp during the final qualifying session late on Saturday evening.

On race day, Sunday, Bowser shelters his ears while Andy burns out, see the big screen in the distance for an alternative view

Both cars started and ready for the finals with a crowd of other Pro Mod drivers and crews looking on. Click here for an in-car view of this race, including Andy's trick double burn out.


As the losing finalist Andy still gets a rose(?), a bottle of Swedish champagne(?), a trophy and a hug! Micke Gullqvist looks on from the top step of the podium.

By the time we left on Monday morning the pits were almost cleared with only Gordon Appleton left in the Pro Mod area.

This clipping from Motorsport News needs no further comment.
Date  14-Aug-2012
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