Racing - Studebaker 2002-2007

Ignition earth - remove to start engine

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Not seen is the ARRC built sheet metal axle case with Strange internals.

The photograph above is copyright Roger Gorringe. Nitro exposure, and the idea has been blatantly copied from the programme Roger produced for the 2006 FIA Finals at Santa Pod. See more of Roger's excellent photographs at

Four firsts in 2005, first British ProMod under 6.6 seconds, first British ProMod under 6.4 seconds, first British ProMod under 6.3 seconds and first British ProMod over 220 mph.

One first in 2006, first British ProMod under 6.2 seconds. We currently have the speed record at 229.43 mph and we did participate in the quickest (Santa Pod Finals with Urban Johansson) and fastest (Gardermoen with Micke Gullqvist) side by side Pro Mod runs in Europe. Thanks to Andy Marr for providing this data.

Not many records in 2007, just an improved et at 6.161 seconds. However second in the FIA European Championship and winners of the first MSA Drag Racing Championship for Pro Mods  and the NDRS Championship are great achievements.

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This is the race team for 2007, from the left
  • Jerry Clayton
  • Tom Barnes
  • Luke Robinson
  • Ryan Hare
  • Stefani Robinson
  • Kate Robinson
  • Andy Robinson
  • Mark Balzaretti
This picture sequence is intended to show the typical activities involved in one run.

First comes the call to go to the staging lanes.

Jerry is driving the tow car while Stefani and Bowser take the easy option.

There always comes a time when the towing has to stop and somebody has to push. Here it's Luke moving the Studebaker to the place where it will be started.

Notice the wire you can just see at the bottom left of the windscreen. This is the magneto earth cut out.

Click here to see the car starting, it's turned over a couple of times then the magneto earth cut out  is removed and it fires up.

Click here to see the car burn out.


Throttle wide open and launching hard.

Click here to see the car run 6.49 and Luke's reaction.




Jerry takes the tow car to the top of the track to collect the Studebaker.

Here the Studebaker goes through a mandatory weight check. It passes at 2712 lbs against the class minimum of 2700 lbs.
Back in the pits Andy drains the oil. This is not custard but a nasty emulsion of 30 weight oil and methanol, worse at the moment because the engine is running rich.
Bowser cranks the engine over by hand while he checks valve clearances and the condition of the top end.
Andy grinds the clutch disks and plates as they may become distorted by the heat and impact as they try to control 2500 hp and put the power down to the track.
Jerry and Tom inspect the bottom end, removing all the rod shells to check their condition.
Luke reassembles the clutch, the gearbox slides backwards to allow the bell housing to be removed.

After all this dismantling and reassembly the engine is run up and all the gears, including reverse, checked to make sure the car is ready to run. Click here to see the engine run. The crew are all wearing gas masks because the exhaust fumes are pretty intense in the confined space of the pits.

And then the team just have to wait for the next call to the staging lanes.

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Date  19-Dec-2008
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