Services & Parts

We offer a wide range of fabrication services from complete chassis to titanium welding. Since we have many smaller components made for us in volume we are also able to offer these to customers.  Shown below are some samples of the typical work that we do. If you need something for your car whether street or competition call us or e-mail us to discuss it. Click on the picture to see more detail in each section.

What we don't make we can get. We are agents for many manufacturers both in the UK and the US, click Parts to see which ones.

Chassis - street Chassis - street/strip Chassis - drag racing
Components - battery boxes Components - wheelie bars Components - general
Parts kits Multi-adjustable suspension Special projects
Engines Pro Lifts Headers

Limited slip diffs from Gripper Diffs General fabrication Race Suit Order Forms
Crew shirts Chassis and suspension setup Transmission Order Forms
SFI, certification and re-certification Nitrous Oxide Axle Order Forms